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Welcome to the SansGUI Feature Tour! In this brief presentation, we include many diagrams, screen shots, and short descriptions to introduce the features offered by the SansGUI Modeling and Simulation Environment and the corresponding benefits that are gained by its developers and users. You can navigate through the whole document sequentially by using the direction icons at the bottom of each page, or jump to any topic of your interest from the feature links below. At the end of each page, we provide you with a See Also section for related features. We thank you for your interest. If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to contact us by following the links in the Support section.

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SansGUI Development Environment



Object-Oriented Development

Encourage well-organized data and code modules

Hierarchical Class Schema

Create subclasses with attribute and behavior inheritance

Multi-Level Class Sharing

Reuse classes among simulators, workgroups, or companies

Rich GUI Control Types

Enhance user interface for data entry and editing

Rich Data Validation Rules

Reduce or eliminate error from user input

Programmable Data Validation

Validate data entries across multiple fields

Automatic Unit Conversion

Guarantee correct units in data

3D Graphics Framework

Simplify 3D objects and data visualization programming

Aggregate Data Types

Support collections, tables, matrices and more

Row or Column Major Order

Meet programming language storage requirements

Dynamic Memory Allocation

Request data storage as needed at run-time

Single Data Object Format

Unify the protocol for program module communications

Single API Function Prototype

Reduce learning time for program development

Source Code Framework

Generate simulator routine skeleton for DLL creation

Multi-Programming Languages

Choose familiar programming languages for development

Schema Version Control

Manage changes in class schema and keep track of versions

In-Process Simulation Support

Build highly interactive simulation control

External Process Support

Supports legacy code integration and textual model files

Robust Debugging Support

Trace through simulator code in question

On-Line Documentation

Add on-line documentation to simulators

SansGUI Run-Time Environment



Object-Oriented Model Building

Reduce redundant data entries with multi-level assemblies

User Extensible Unit Conversion

Choose data unit according to user's preferences

Symbolic Parametric Values

Test variations of models with case parameters

Qualitative Input Assistant

Convey value semantics from the developer to the user

User Overridable Routines

Initialize data arrays and/or extend the simulator's behavior

Simulation Run Control

Start, pause, stop, step, or fast forward simulation runs

Data Modification and Visualization

Change value and plot data dynamically during run-time

3D Graphics Visualization

Support zooming, panning, rotation, and selection controls

Version Evolution and Update

Keep user data in synchronization with simulator versions

Technical Support

For technical assistance on SansGUI, please contact: or

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SansGUI Modeling and Simulation Environment version 1.2

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