Version Evolution and Update

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Keep Project Models in synchronization with simulators.

Simulator Version Update

The SansGUI Run-Time Environment contains a version control facility for users to keep their Project Models in synchronization with different versions of simulators, distributed by their developers. The user simply selects Update Version from the File menu and locates the Object Library associated with the target simulator. SansGUI will evolve the model data according to the class definitions found in the selected Object Library. In the process, data in obsolescent fields will be removed, data in new fields will be filled with default values, and values with changed data types are automatically converted by SansGUI. It provides users with backward and forward versions compatibility.


Intrinsic Version Update

Intrinsic Schema Definition contains the definitions of all classes that come with SansGUI. The version update mechanism is automatically invoked when a document created by a different version of SansGUI is about to be loaded into the SansGUI Environment. This update mechanism also supports both backward and forward compatibility in order to keep users' data files in synchronization.


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