Object-Oriented Development

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Encourage well organized data and code modules.

System Abstraction

With the SansGUI Object System, developers abstract real world systems into entities and their relations.


The following figure shows a typical model with component entities, reference entities, and physical links that the users can build, edit, and run in the SansGUI environment. The model building blocks are defined as classes by the simulation developer with the SansGUI Development Environment. The users configure their models in the SansGUI Run-Time Environment with the model building blocks supplied by the developer.


This screen shot is taken from the Mixer Application Example for SansGUI.

Class Properties

The types of entities are defined as classes by simulation developers. The class properties can be accessed through Class Properties dialogs.


Class Attributes

Each class may contain a set of attributes that the simulation program will manipulate. Class attributes can be edited in a "spreadsheet" style, as shown in the figure below, or individually in an Attribute Properties dialog.


The instances of the classes can be created by the simulation users in the SansGUI Run-Time Environment. Please see Object-Oriented Model Building for more details.

Class Functions

Class behavior, operations that act upon the class attributes, can be implemented in a set of function entry points in a dynamic linked library (.DLL) running in a thread within the SansGUI process or in an executable program (.EXE) running in a process external to SansGUI. The functions in the DLL can serve as a thin interface layer between SansGUI and the simulator code.


Development Process

The class definitions of a simulator are stored in a Schema Definition file, which is compiled into an Object Library and a set of skeleton source files for implementing class functions. The simulator code can be in the form of a DLL, an EXE, or both. The Object Library, optionally customized to include convenient objects with default values, is distributed with the simulator program to the simulation user. In the SansGUI Run-Time Environment, the users create Project Models based on the Object Library, run simulation, and analyze results to refine their design.


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