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Reduce learning time for simulator development.

DLL Function Prototype

In addition to the easy to learn Single Data Object Format, SansGUI abstract all class functions into one application programming interface (API) function prototype for interactive in-process simulator development. This means there is only one prototypical set of function arguments in all the interface routines plugging into the SansGUI environment. The result is, the developer learn it once for all simulator development.


DLL Function Semantics

The DLL function arguments related to a component object (a part) can be depicted in the following diagram. The adjacent objects are the immediate neighbor parts, the link objects connect adjacent objects with the self object, the reference objects, if any, are sorted out and passed to the DLL function, and the simulation control object contains intrinsic attributes and some developer's extensions.


DLL Function Entry Points

The class functions that support interactive in-process simulation can be categorized into three groups: 1) data editing, 2) execution, and 3) evaluation, depending on the time and opportunity that these functions are called.


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