Rich GUI Control Types

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Enhance user interface for data entry and editing.

Attribute Properties

Attributes in each class are defined by simulation developers. Each attribute has properties that indicate how SansGUI shall present its graphical user interface to the user. Developers can specify the GUI control type(s) of an attribute with its Attribute Properties dialog. Although the dialog shows all possible types in attribute specifications and may look complicated, most of them are optional. SansGUI has internal rules that keep the coherence of the data type specifications whenever any field in this dialog is modified.


GUI Control Types

Qualitative Expressions (Optional)

SansGUI incorporates a fuzzy linguistic scheme that lets simulation developers specify qualitative information.


Quantity-Quality Mapping Scheme (Optional)

The fuzzy quantity-quality mapping scheme allows simulation develops to convey data range semantics to the simulation users. The users can select a quantitative value from a range that is limited by the qualitative rank and its allowance factor via the Qualitative Input Assistant.



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