Programmable Data Validation

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Validate data entries across multiple fields.

Data Editing Functions

Programmable data validation is accomplished through the End Edit Check class function entry point in the class properties. The developer can supply a validation function, on a per class basis, that goes through all the input values entered by the user. It can be implemented in the supported programming languages for in-process simulator development. Examples of programmable data validation routines include:


The End Edit Check function is called when the user clicks on the Check Data button in a Properties dialog, as depicted in the next figure.

Input Data Filters/Loaders

In addition to the End Edit Check function, SansGUI provides simulation developers with Resize for Load and Load Data class functions, which can be used to implement input data loader or preprocessors for a simulator. The two functions are called in sequence when the user clicks on the Load Data button in a Properties dialog, as shown below.


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