External Process Support

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Support legacy code integration and XML file format.

Architecture of External Process Simulation

Although not as interactive as In-Process Simulation during execution, External Process Simulation provides developers with a quick mechanism to incorporate a graphical user interface to their existing simulation programs. In addition, the invocation script can be customized to support:



An in-process simulator can be developed optionally to run in concert with the external process simulator in order to take advantage of SansGUI's dynamic displaying and charting facility while a simulation is running. Please see MIDI Player for SansGUI example on our web site.

Textual Model Files

SansGUI generates a textual model file that contain essential model configuration and input data in a Project Model:

The supported formats are Tabular Data Blocks (Fortran friendly) and XML Model Data. Please consult the SansGUI Reference Manual for more details.

Simulation Control

The external process simulation control parameters are depicted in the following figure. The developer can introduce new attributes to the control class for additional simulation features. All of the parameters have default values and can be explicitly overridden by the user.


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