3D Graphics Framework

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Simplify 3D objects and data visualization with industry-standard OpenGL support.

Intrinsic Graphics Class

The Graphics class supports and simplifies 3D graphics programming in OpenGL. The intrinsic attributes in the Right Pane contain operational data for the graphic view managed by SansGUI. They are manipulated by 3D graphics routines in the derived class, Solid in this case.


Graphics Class Functions

Four abstract graphic functions are mapped to SansGUI class function entry points:


3D Graphics Features

The Graphics class supports multi-threaded, multi-window management and interactive 3D graphics operations, such as translation, rotation, zooming in and out, and user selection. In addition, the 3D graphic view can be printed, copy to clipboard, and exported to bitmap or JPEG image files. Please see 3D Graphics Visualization for run-time environment examples.

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