Dynamic Memory Allocation

generate/do-it.gif    Single Data Object Format

Request data storage as needed at run-time.

Object Creation

New objects can be created or clone (copied) from an old object in the SansGUI Run-Time Environment. This operation creates an instance for the simulation routines to manipulate. With SansGUI managing the object memory dynamically, it reduces a lot of memory management code in the simulation programs and prevents them from potential memory leaks.


The developer can create objects and store them in an Object Library before distributing it to the simulation users. The developers can optionally lock certain objects so that they can be modified or deleted only in service sessions.

Component Creation

Parts and links are derived from component objects and are created as the user places them in a Canvas View. SansGUI manages the memory associated with all the parts and links dynamically and provides the users with multiple levels of undo and redo operations. The simulator developers do not need to write any code to incorporate these features.


Matrix and Table Sizes

The sizes of matrices and tables can be specified by the user from the Specification tab in their Properties dialog or modified programmatically using the DLL functions invoked either by the user or during the initialization stage of simulation runs.


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