SansGUI Documentation Errata

This section contains corrections and changes to the published SansGUI Version 1.0 Manuals. Please refer to the following on-line page from time to time for the latest updates.

The changes in this section only apply to the printed manuals. All the on-line manuals have been updated. The parenthesized numbers (vM.n) indicate the version numbers the fixes were introduced. Click on the following to jump to the modifications in the corresponding manual.

SansGUI Getting Started Guide

The following changes are applicable to the printed SansGUI Getting Started Version 1.0 (Product Number: PDI-SG-0103-GSG001).

End User License Agreement (v1.1)

generate/do-it.gif    Correct a typographical error from tempered to tampered in the last sentence of LICENSE GRANT.

Page 6: Add a Development Environment Feature (v1.2)

generate/do-it.gif    After the automatic unit conversion feature, add the following feature:

Page 8: Add Run-Time Environment Features (v1.2)

generate/do-it.gif    After the data value plotting feature, add the following features:

Page 9: Add Supported Platforms (v1.2)

generate/do-it.gif    Add Windows Me and Windows XP to both SansGUI Run-Time Environment and SansGUI Development Environment requirements. They are changed to:

Page 12: Update Version Number (v1.1 and v1.2)

generate/do-it.gif    Change all instances of 1.0 to 1.2 and 1_0 to 1_2, to reflect the current version number.

Page 17: Operating System Support (v1.2)

generate/do-it.gif    Change Your Operating System: Windows 2000, ... in License Key information to:

Page 18: Notes in Student Edition (v1.2)

generate/do-it.gif    Change the limit of 10 classes to 20 classes.

Page 19: Add Point of Attraction 5: Solid (v1.2)

generate/do-it.gif    A new Point of Attraction 5: Solid is added to the Getting Started guide. The original Point of Attraction 5: Salty is changed to Point of Attraction 6. You can find the new step-by-step example on-line, or in the last section, New Class Graphics Documentation, of this Addenda.

Page 33: Fix DLL Function Prefix (v1.1)

generate/do-it.gif    Correct the function name prefix SG_x with missing 'x's in:

Page 43: Update IAC Example's Hands On Session (v1.2)

generate/do-it.gif    Eliminate the second to the last sentence. The value of the external input is not cleared because we have changed this attribute from the In/Out cope to the Input scope in the IAC example distributed since SansGUI version 1.1. This change prevents the overriding values from being wiped off when the user selects Edit>Clear Override Values from the menu or clicks on the Reset Data button in the Run toolbar.

With this operation, however, you will also wipe off Ken's external input value which was set to 1.

Page 44: Add IAC Documentation Description in Developer's Corner (v1.2)

generate/do-it.gif    At the end of Developer's Corner and right before the Acknowledgements section, add the following paragraph:

The doc\IAC subdirectory of the SansGUI installation directory contains a set of hand-crafted documentation files written in the Hyper-Text Markup Language (HTML). These files demonstrate one means to incorporate on-line, context-sensitive help document into the SansGUI environment. The HTML file names serve as the document entry points of the simulator classes and are entered in the Class Properties dialogs in the Schema Definition of IAC.

Page 50: Add a More Examples Section (v1.1)

generate/do-it.gif    Add the following text to a section titled More Examples under the To Go Further topic:

We have dedicated an area on our web site to more examples, utility programs, and application demonstrations, developed by the SansGUI team at ProtoDesign, Inc. or by our fellow customers. Many example projects contain manuals and full source code for you to download and explore. A SansGUI FAQ section is also available to answer some of the frequently asked questions. Please look them up from time to time for some information that you may find useful.

Please contact ProtoDesign if you would like us to publicize your simulation projects through our SansGUI Examples section or provide a link in our SansGUI Resources page to your web site.

SansGUI User's Guide

The following changes are applicable to the printed SansGUI User's Guide Version 1.0 (Product Number: PDI-SG-0103-USR001).

Page 4: Fix a Typographical Error in the Term System (v1.2)

generate/do-it.gif    Under the term System, remove the letter s after the word provides in the second line. It should read:

... system elements, that perform certain functions or provide certain services.

Page 15: Change Figure to include Class Graphics (v1.2)

generate/do-it.gif    The figure has been modified to include the new Graphics class as one of the Reference classes:


generate/do-it.gif    The descriptions of the Graphics class below is inserted between the Collection class and the Matrix class in the paragraph under the figure:

The Graphics class is similar to the Collection class and, in addition, supports interactive 3-dimensional graphics displays for scientific and engineering visualization and data exploration.

Page 24: Add to Ending Cycle Number (v1.1)

generate/do-it.gif    In the description of Ending Cycle Number in Cycle Simulation Control, add the following sentence after the original text:

You can enter the value 0 to inform SansGUI to run the simulation forever, with endless loops.

Page 53: Add to Print out Canvas Views (v1.1)

generate/do-it.gif    Add the following sentence to the end of the original text:

You can also select Print Canvas View... or Print Preview from the right-click context menu to perform these tasks.

Page 57: Insert a New Graphics Objects Section (v1.2)

generate/do-it.gif    Insert a new Graphics Objects section between Collection Objects and Matrix Objects:

Graphics objects are similar to Collection objects and, in addition, can be viewed in 3-dimensional scenes with Graphics Windows. A Graphics Window can be opened in two ways:

SansGUI supports hardcopy printing, copying to windows clipboard, and exporting to bitmap (.BMP) or JPEG (.JPG) image file formats of graphic scenes in Graphics Windows. All these functions can be performed by selecting the corresponding menu items in the right-click context menu within the Graphics Windows. Please refer to Point of Attraction 5: Solid in the SansGUI Getting Started guide, the Class Graphics section of the SansGUI Reference Manual, and your simulator documentation for more operational details.

In addition, please take a look at 3D Graphics Rendering Options in the Tuning Environment Parameters section in the Customizing SansGUI Environment chapter of this manual.

Page 63: Add Message View Context Menu Operations (v1.2)

generate/do-it.gif    Add the following sentence as a separate paragraph right after the Message bullet point at the end of the Using Message View section.

You can open the Properties dialog of an object, view the object, or print/preview the Message View by selecting appropriate menu items from its context menu.

Page 64: Add to Stopping Simulation (v1.1)

generate/do-it.gif    After the second sentence ended with "terminated as soon as possible" and before the next sentence started with "You cannot continue to", insert the following text:

SansGUI will call the end simulation run routines to allow the simulator to clean up the simulation and release resources. In very rare occasions, you may want to bypass the end run routines and stop the simulation immediately. You can select Tools>Terminate Simulation from the pull-down menu; however, please use this option with great care.

Page 66: Append Reset Data Button Description (v1.1)

generate/do-it.gif    Add the following paragraph to the end of the Running In-Process Simulation section, after the More Global Values bullet point:

The Reset Data button in the Run toolbar can be used to remove the overriding values, similar to selecting Edit>Clear Override Values, and reset all the In/Out and Output numerical data to their default values in the simulation control object.

Page 72: Change Generating Plots (v1.1)

generate/do-it.gif    The first sentence is modified to read:

You can plot the selected data by any one of the following methods.

generate/do-it.gif    The paragraph after the three methods is changed to:

Selected data will be plotted in a Plot Results Dialog. In the current version of SansGUI, you can have one interactive Plot Results Dialog per Project Model.

Page 72: Add a Dynamic Charting Section (v1.1)

generate/do-it.gif    After Generating Plots and before Plot Results Dialog, add a Dynamic Charting section:

Plotting results is not limited to the end of a simulation run. When there are logged attributes, and some of them are selected for plotting, the Plot Results button is activated. You can click on it before a simulation run, during the simulation run, when the simulation is paused, or after the simulation is ended. When the Plot Results Dialog is displayed, SansGUI will update the plot when there are new data coming out from the simulator. Therefore, you need to decide whether you would leave the Plot Results Dialog opened or closed during a simulation run for performance reasons. Other notes regarding dynamic charting follow:

Page 77: Modify Incorporating Canvas Views (v1.1 and v1.2)

generate/do-it.gif    Add a paragraph to start Incorporating Canvas Views:

You may want to put a section of an assembly or the entire assembly in a Canvas View in your technical report, slideshow or other publications. SansGUI supports three means to do it: 1) Exporting Enhanced Metafiles: if you only need a static picture, in vector form, of the current Canvas View, 2) Exporting Image Files: if you need to capture the raster image of the current Canvas View, or 3) Using OLE Objects: if you would like to resize, zoom, scroll, and crop the picture in the other application.

generate/do-it.gif    Add a subsection on Exporting Enhanced Metafiles:

If you only need a static picture of the current Canvas View to be incorporated in a document with another application, you can export the Canvas View to the Windows Clipboard (in memory) or to an external file in the Windows Enhanced Metafile (EMF) format. Once exported, you can insert it into any document with any Windows program that supports EMF. An example is to include a picture of a the Canvas View in a Microsoft Word document:

generate/do-it.gif    Add a subsection on Exporting Image Files after Exporting Enhanced Metafiles:

You can also export the current Canvas View to bitmap (.BMP) or JPEG (.JPG) image files for publication purposes. To do it, select Bitmap... or JPEG... submenu item from Export Image File in the context menu.

generate/do-it.gif    Add a subsection on Using OLE Objects and remove the first sentence from the original text. The new subsection starts out with: "SansGUI Canvas View is an OLE server." The completely modified text is located in Working with Other Applications section.

Page 86: Subsection title change (v1.2)

generate/do-it.gif    Change the subsection title to Updating SansGUI Intrinsic Classes, from Update ...

Page 92: Fix important MSVC++ DLL settings (v1.2)

generate/do-it.gif    Before the second to the last bullet point that starts with Select Build>Build <DLL>, insert the following:

Page 94: Confirm Multithreaded DLL setting (v1.2)

generate/do-it.gif    Replace 3) in the first bullet point with the following:

3) in the Code Generation category, make sure that the Use run-time library: field is set to Multithreaded DLL (using the /MD option).

Page 95: Ignore default library settings (v1.2)

generate/do-it.gif    Change the "Do not worry..." sentence in the second to the last bullet point to:

Do not worry about the multithread library being disabled at this moment because we will set it later.

Page 96: Fix important CVF DLL settings (v1.2)

generate/do-it.gif    Add the following to the first paragraph before "Click on the OK button to commit the change."

In addition, change the Category selection to Libraries and then select Threaded in the Reentrancy Support: field and Multithreaded DLL in the Use run-time library: field to avoid any potential conflict with the system's library. Click on the OK button to commit the changes.

Page 102 and 103: Add 3D Graphics Rendering Options (v1.2)

generate/do-it.gif    In the Tuning Environment Parameters section, swap the Environment Options and Document Dependent Options to make the sequence consistent with the Options dialog.

generate/do-it.gif    Add a subsection, titled 3D Graphics Rendering Options, with the following contents:

By default, SansGUI detects the 3D graphics configurations of your computer to decide how to display Graphics objects in Graphics Windows. Under certain circumstances, however, you may need to select a different option manually: 1) you have a special graphics controller card that supports OpenGL with accelerated hardware but SansGUI cannot detect it, and 2) you are encountering a Microsoft generic OpenGL implementation bug, Microsoft Knowledge Base 272222, with which the Graphics Windows are not completely rendered along their right and bottom edges. The options are:

The change of this option is effective only in Graphics Windows opened subsequently. You need to close all previously opened Graphics Windows and reopen them to be effective.

SansGUI Developer's Guide

The following change is applicable to the printed SansGUI Developer's Guide Version 1.0 (Product Number: PDI-SG-0103-DEV001).

Page i: Fix Chapter 1 Title (v1.1)

generate/do-it.gif    A missing letter A is added to the title of CHAPTER 1 ADVANCED SANSGUI OBJECT SYSTEM in the Table of Contents.

Page 4: Fix Typo in Definitions of Classes (v1.1)

generate/do-it.gif    The end of the second sentence in the bullet item, Definitions of Classes, should be changed to "subclass or derive from." Remove the extra d after the word derive.

Page 72 and 73: Important fix of Run-Time Library Settings (v1.2)

generate/do-it.gif    Replace the first and second sentences of the page to the following:

... Use run-time library: field is set to Multithreaded DLL (using the /MD option) for the Win32 Release mode. You also need to make sure that all the external libraries your project replies upon have been built with this option to avoid any potential conflict from the system's library.

generate/do-it.gif    Change the second to the last sentence of the third bullet point in the Compaq Visual Fortran IDE section:

Do not worry about the multithread library being disabled at this moment because we will set it later.

generate/do-it.gif    In the first line of page 73, insert the following sentence before "Click on the OK button to commit the change."

In addition, change the Category selection to Libraries and then select Threaded in the Reentrancy Support: field and Multithreaded DLL in the Use run-time library: field to avoid any potential conflict with the system's library. Click on the OK button to commit the change.

generate/do-it.gif    Cross out the sentence, "There is no potential SansGUI run-time library conflict with the CVF environment." Replace it with the following:

You also need to make sure that all the external libraries your project replies upon have been built with Multithreaded DLL option consistently. In addition, because the External Name Interpretations option is set to As-is while compiling, the calls to intrinsic and external subroutines, functions, and procedures may need to be in their upper-case form.

SansGUI Reference Manual

The following changes are applicable to the printed SansGUI Reference Manual Version 1.0 (Product Number: PDI-SG-0103-REF001).

Page 21: Add to SansGUI Data Object Format (v1.1)

generate/do-it.gif    Add the following paragraph to the end of the introductory section SansGUI Data Object Format before the SG_VALU Data Structure section:

Two example source files, SGdump.cpp in C/C++ and SGdump.f in Fortran are included in the inc subdirectory of your SansGUI installation directory. You may incorporate the source file into your programming project, open an output file, and call the SG_dumpDataObject routine as needed. It is good for debugging purposes. You can also use it to learn how to access all the data members in the two structures.

Page 23: Fix Typographical Error (v1.1)

generate/do-it.gif    Change Alternately to Alternatively in the beginning of the last sentence.

Page 27: Change Object Status Description (v1.2)

generate/do-it.gif    The last bullet point describing Object Status is changed as following:

Page 29: Modify iStatus Description (v1.1 and v1.2)

generate/do-it.gif    Although being modified in SansGUI version 1.1, the description of the iStatus member in the SG_OBJ data structure is further changed to:

The status of the data object, used to communicate between SansGUI and DLL functions. Each definition below occupies one bit in this integer. The values of these bits are defined in SGdll.h (for C/C++) and SGdllf.h (for Fortran):

Page 37: Resolving Reference Objects (v1.2)

generate/do-it.gif    The last sentence in the Important Notes is replaced with the following:

When the function call happens in an editing session, as opposed to during a simulation run, only self and simCtrl are reliable for processing. SansGUI also tries to resolve object references as complete as possible and passes the reference objects in refObj to the DLL functions during the model construction time.

Page 40: Modify SG_R_LMSG Return Value (v1.1)

generate/do-it.gif    In the DLL Function Return Values section, the descriptions of SG_R_LMSG should be corrected to read:

Page 42: Add to End Run Function (v1.1)

generate/do-it.gif    Append the following paragraph to the description of the End Run (SG_xEndRun) execution function:

This function will be called after the user clicks on the Stop button, giving the simulator an opportunity to clean up and release resources. A SG_STAT_STOP bit is set in the iStatus member of the simulation control object to indicate that the simulation is stopped by the user.

Page 47: Modify Cycle Simulation Sequence of Initialization (v1.1)

generate/do-it.gif    In the Cycle-Driven Simulation Semantics section, the cycle simulation calling sequence of SG_xInitSize function has been changed since SansGUI version 1.0.1. The bullet entry for Initialization should read:

Page 69: Add Class Graphics (v1.2)

generate/do-it.gif    In the Reference Class category, add Class Graphics.

Page 71: Modify Ending Cycle Number (v1.1)

generate/do-it.gif    Append the following sentence to the description of Ending Cycle Number:

When it is set to 0, however, SansGUI will not check this condition and will let the simulation run forever.


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SansGUI Modeling and Simulation Environment Version 1.2

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