To Go Further

It is recommended that you go through the exercises in A Tour of SansGUI Examples to be familiar with the SansGUI Run-Time and Development Environment. If you are a simulation developer, it is recommended that you consult both the User's Guide and the Developer's Guide before you go about creating simulators for others. If you are a simulation user, all the necessary information regarding the SansGUI Run-Time Environment can be found in the User's Guide. The Reference Manual can be used by both simulation users and simulation developers to gain a quick reference on SansGUI programming and other related information.

More Examples

We have dedicated an area on our web site to more examples, utility programs, and application demonstrations, developed by the SansGUI team at ProtoDesign, Inc. or by our fellow customers. Many example projects contain manuals and full source code for you to download and explore. A SansGUI FAQ section is also available to answer some of the frequently asked questions. Please look them up from time to time for some information you may find useful.

Please contact ProtoDesign if you would like us to publicize your simulation projects through our SansGUI Examples section or provide a link in our SansGUI Resources page to your web site.

For Application Domain Specific Information

Simulation users who need support on application domain specific matters should contact their simulation developers for the necessary information.


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