Welcome to SansGUI 1.2


Welcome to SansGUI version 1.2, an interactive modeling and simulation environment for scientists and engineers. For first-time users, please check out the Getting Started guide. A small booklet, Version 1.2 Addenda, is added to the manuals to describe new features and enhancements since version 1.0.


There are five books in the manual set:

Technical Support

In order to obtain your permanent license key, you need to register your computer. Please check the section on Permanent License Key in the Getting Started guide and visit the following web page:


For technical assistance on SansGUI, please contact:


http://sansgui.com/support.htm or


Phone: (630) 759-9930

Fax: (630) 759-4759

For other services offered by ProtoDesign, Inc., please contact:



Phone: (630) 759-9930

Fax: (630) 759-4759

Copyright and License

Copyright 2000-2003 ProtoDesign, Inc. All rights reserved.

The SansGUI Software and its documentation, on-line and printed, are copyrighted by ProtoDesign, Inc. The use of these materials are restricted by the license agreement accepted by the user during the software installation process.


SansGUI and its logo is a registered trademark and ProtoDesign and its logo is a registered service mark of ProtoDesign, Inc. Microsoft Windows is a trademark of Microsoft Corporation. OpenGL is a trademark of Silicon Graphics, Inc. All other trademarks are owned by the respective companies.


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SansGUI Modeling and Simulation Environment Version 1.2

Copyright 2000-2003 ProtoDesign, Inc. All rights reserved.