Version 1.2 Addenda

SansGUI version 1.2 contains many new features and enhancements since the release of version 1.0. In this small booklet, we include the following sections, which serve as the addenda to the set of SansGUI manuals.

Installation Notes

Although recommended, you don't need to uninstall SansGUI version 1.0 or 1.1 from your computer because multiple official releases of SansGUI can coexist. However, you need to uninstall all testing or previewing versions, such as 1.2.alpha, 1.2.beta, or 1.2 Release Candidates, before installing the official release. The default installation directory is set to C:\SansGUI\v1_2. All add-on packages should be reinstalled in the new SansGUI installation directory you choose in order to operate conveniently. Please follow the Installation Procedures in the Getting Started guide.

An examples subdirectory in the SansGUI software distribution compact disc (CD) contains self-extracting archives of additional examples. Simply run the executable programs to install them into your SansGUI installation directory:


Visual Calculator for SansGUI version 1.1.1


MIDI Player for SansGUI version 1.0.1


Mixer Example for SansGUI version 1.0.2


Unit Conversion for SansGUI version 1.1.1

Version Compatibility Notes

SansGUI was designed with version compatibility in mind, in both backward and forward directions:

Backward Compatibility

You can load any Schema Definition, Object Library, or Project Model file created with a previous version of SansGUI into the current version. An Intrinsic Schema Definition Version Update process will be automatically started when you open the file. Prior to the version update, a dialog is shown to you for confirmation. Simply click on the OK button to start the conversion process and follow the recommendation to save the resulting file under a new name after the conversion.

Forward Compatibility

Although we suggest that all SansGUI users upgrade to the latest version, you can load any document created with the new version of SansGUI into any previous version. Similar to the backward compatibility version update, an Intrinsic Schema Definition Version Update process will be started when you open and load a file into an older SansGUI environment. Click on the OK button when SansGUI asks for confirmation. In versions prior to 1.2, however, SansGUI does not support Class Graphics for interactive 3D graphics display. Instead, a Geom3D class appears in the successfully converted documents. Please delete all objects and classes that are related to this class.


C:\FH_Suite\htmlgifs\home.gif Class Table SansGUI 1.2 Features and Enhancements

SansGUI Modeling and Simulation Environment Version 1.2

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