SansGUI Data Object Format

The SansGUI Data Object Format contains a main data structure SG_OBJ and a substructure SG_VALU. The SG_VALU data structure holds the data values of a single attribute/variable. The SG_OBJ data structure holds the data object information and the data values of all attribute/variables in the object. These two data structures form the universal SansGUI Data Object format for data communication within SansGUI and among SansGUI, simulator functions, and user overriding routines.

Two example source files, SGdump.cpp in C/C++ and SGdump.f in Fortran are included in the inc subdirectory of your SansGUI installation directory. You may incorporate the source file into your programming project, open an output file, and call the SG_dumpDataObject routine as needed. It is good for debugging purposes. You can also use it to learn how to access all the data members in the two structures.


C:\FH_Suite\htmlgifs\home.gif SansGUI Data Type Funneling SG_VALU Data Structure

SansGUI Modeling and Simulation Environment Version 1.2

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