Customizing Object Libraries

In most cases, common component objects used by different Project Models can be selected into the global Object Toolbox. When a new part is created in a Project Model while there is no such object in existence, the object will be added into the Project Model automatically. It requires, however, that the object be compatible with the Project Model. At times, you may like to store some of the commonly used objects so that whenever you create a new Project Model, the objects will be included automatically. It is possible to create a "base" Project Model and put the common objects in it. Every time when you create a new Project Model, you just open the "base" Project Model as the starting point instead of using the File>New menu item. This is, however, a little awkward. SansGUI allows simulation users to create new Object Libraries based on the ones that are distributed by the simulation developer and customize them to include common objects.

To customize an Object Library from the original distribution, simply use File>New and select Object Library (.sgo) from the list. After that, an Object Library [Select] dialog will appear and you can pick the Object Library for customization. Once you have entered the necessary objects, you should save the Object Library under a special name of your choice. Do not override the original Object Library that comes with your simulator. If you save it in the same directory as the SansGUI's Object Libraries file location, you will be able to see it next time when you create a new Project Model. Otherwise, you can still use the Browse... button in the Project Model [Create] dialog to find the Object Library you customized.

Maintaining Custom Object Libraries

You can create objects and enter their values just as you would do with Project Models. However, it is not a requirement for you to completely enter the values into the objects. The Check Data operation will still signal errors if the required fields have not been filled in, but it really does not matter because we don't submit an Object Library to the simulator.

All the Object Library operations are similar to those of Project Models. They are different in that there is no assembly hierarchy in Object Libraries. Most commonly used operations in Object Libraries are object creation, object deletion, data entry, undo, redo, and object importation. We will describe the Importing Objects and Importing Classes operations in the next two sections.


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