Importing Objects

Importing an object means to get an existing object from another Object Library or Project Model. In other words, the selected object is copied across the Object Library or Project Model boundary. Some issues may be raised:

Fortunately, SansGUI checks all these issues before you can import an object into the current Project Model or Object Library.

Procedures for Importing Objects

An object can be imported by a drag-and-drop operation. You need to put the source and the target documents into the SansGUI environment. It may be helpful to apply windows arrangement functions, such as Tile Horizontally or Tile Vertically from the Windows pull-down menu. Once they are properly arranged, i.e., you can see the Tree Views in the left panes of both source and target, you are ready to import objects:

An alternative to import a compatible component object to a Project Model is to click on the object from the source document so that it will be selected into the global Object Toolbox. While it is displayed in the Current Selection field in the Object Toolbox, switch to the target Project Model and start to make a new part from it. The object will be imported automatically before any new part is created.


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