What is an Object Library?

An Object Library contains compiled definitions of classes, required unit objects, and some default objects dedicated to a specific simulator. It can also be a repository for simulation users to put common objects, described in the previous section, for future Project Model creation and use. Whenever a new Project Model is created, it has to be based on an Object Library. Through the Object Library, we know which simulator is involved.

Verifying Object Library Installation

When a simulator is installed into the SansGUI environment, an Object Library distributed by the simulation developer is added to the environment. The installed Object Libraries can be verified in the About SansGUI dialog accessed via the Help>About SansGUI... pull-down menu. The directory path of the Object Libraries is indicated in the Help>File Locations... dialog under the field Object Libraries.

If you need to know how the Object Library file type relates with the other two file types, Project Model and Schema Definition, please read the Introduction to SansGUI section in the Getting Started guide.


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