Class Link

The root class of all links. Although the simulation developer can create as many levels of subclasses from this class, there can only be a single class path (no siblings). The last descendent in the class path is the only concrete and terminal link class used to create link objects. A Default link object is automatically created for the terminal link class during the Object Library generation process.


There is an intrinsic attribute in the Link class:

Additional cell attributes can be introduced in the subclasses of this class. They should be used for conveying data from one part to another. Because there is only one concrete and terminal link class in the system, fetching the link attributes does not require run-time class type information; therefore, achieving higher performance. If any different class with a "connection" nature is needed, it should be promoted to a regular component class that is derived from Class Base.

Class Functions

The Link class is for conveying data only. No class function can be defined.

Ports and Connectivity

Not applicable.

Subclassing Notes

There can only be one link class path without any branch defined for a simulator. All attributes introduced in the subclasses are cell attributes.

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