Class Base

The root class of all base component classes. It is generic, abstract, and non-terminal.


None. However, new attributes can be introduced in the subclasses of this class. Except for port attributes, which are array attributes displayed in a table, all other attributes are cell attributes. When any port attribute is present, the ports of the class should be explicitly defined.

Class Functions

There is no class function defined in this class. However, the full set of class functions may be defined in the subclasses of this class. See the DLL Function Entry Points section for more details.

Ports and Connectivity

No connectivity is specified in this class. However, the ports and connectivity can be defined in the subclasses of this class. The default connectivity for all classes is that there is no restriction; anything can be connected to anything.

Subclassing Notes

Simulation developers use this class to create all the base component classes for the users to create component objects and their deriving parts.

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