DLL Function Entry Points

The class functions can be categorized into three groups: 1) data editing, 2) execution, and 3) evaluation, depending on the time and opportunity that these functions are called. The parenthesized names, starting with a SG_x prefix, are the actual function names in the implementation. For simulation developers, the function names are appended with the class path, such as SG_xEval_Base_MyComponentClass. If the class path contains any non-alphanumeric characters, they will be changed into underscores in the function name. SansGUI generates skeleton code of the functions in the supported languages for all the classes during the compilation of Schema Definitions. For simulation users who write overriding routines, these are the exact function names to be used, no class path name mingling. Sample source files that provide the skeleton for the overriding functions can be found as SGover.cpp (for C/C++) and SGover.f (for Fortran) in the inc subdirectory of the SansGUI installation directory.

The descriptions for the functions listed here are general. The semantics of these functions may be different, depending upon the SansGUI Simulation Control (see next chapter) and the algorithms used in the simulators.

Data Editing Functions

Execution Functions

Evaluation Functions


All the DLL function names are case-sensitive, both in C and in Fortran. One way to check the entry points in a Windows DLL is to issue the following command:

     dumpbin/exports <mycode.dll>

where <mycode.dll> is to be substituted with the name of the DLL file that contains the implementation of the DLL functions.


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