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Contact: Greg Chien

ProtoDesign, Inc.



Free Unit Conversion Program From ProtoDesign, Inc.

Bolingbrook, IL., July 30, 2001 (www.protodesign-inc.com) - ProtoDesign, Inc. today announces the release of Unit Conversion for SansGUI version 1.0, free to all SansGUI users.  Unit Conversion for SansGUI is a powerful utility program that converts numerical values from one measuring unit to another.  Based on IEEE/ASTM SI-10 1997 Standard, this program covers most of the SI units and many other non-SI units.  Advanced features unique to Unit Conversion for SansGUI are: 1) Extensibility: Users can extend unit tables to include any desired measuring units not defined in the distribution.  In addition to built-in unit tables, there are five user definable unit tables for creating new dimensions of measurement.  Dynamic unit conversion tables, such as international currency exchange rates, can also be implemented easily.  2) Versatility: Users can convert a single value, an array (vector) of values to five different units to be displayed in a table, or a whole resizable matrix of data in one operation.  3) Programmability: Users can populate the data array (vector) or matrix programmatically using Microsoft Visual C++ or Compaq Visual Fortran.  Programming examples in both languages are included.

Unit Conversion for SansGUI is available immediately and is free of charge from ProtoDesign, Inc.  It requires SansGUI Run-Time Environment to run on Microsoft Windows platforms.  The SansGUI Run-Time Environment provides users with a highly interactive modeling and simulation environment to configure models, enter data, run simulations, examine and plot simulation results from supporting simulators.  SansGUI Run-Time Edition costs US$49 per license and can be purchased directly from ProtoDesign's on-line store.  A free demonstration version of SansGUI can be used with all the features described above except for file saving capability.  Both Unit Conversion for SansGUI and SansGUI Demonstration Edition can be downloaded from ProtoDesign's web site at http://www.protodesign-inc.com/download.htm.

About ProtoDesign, Inc.

ProtoDesign, Inc. is a privately held software company with a mission to help customers break the complexity barriers to incorporate emerging technologies into interactive computing. Established in 1997, ProtoDesign, Inc. has provided customers with human computer interface (HCI) software tools, applications, and integration services. Further information on ProtoDesign, Inc. is available at http://www.protodesign-inc.com or call (630)759-9930.


ProtoDesign and its logo is a registered service mark and SansGUI and its logo is a registered trademark of ProtoDesign, Inc. Microsoft Windows and Visual C++ are registered trademarks of Microsoft Corporation. Compaq Visual Fortran is a registered trademark of Compaq Computer Corporation.

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