Where to Put the Files?

By default, all the simulators are to be installed under the SansGUI installation directory in the user's computer system. The default SansGUI directory structure is described in the Installation Procedures section in the Getting Started guide. The default locations to put your simulator files are explained in the following:

SansGUI Installation Directory

SansGUI is installed in a directory specific to its version by default. For examples, SansGUI version 1.0 is installed in C:\SansGUI\v1_0. Other examples, such as version 1.2 or version 3.1, will be installed under v1_2 or v3_1 subdirectories, respectively. The SansGUI installation directory is the directory with the version number label. All the directories for different types of files should be under this SansGUI installation directory. As an example, the Object Library should be placed in the lib subdirectory of the SansGUI installation directory; therefore, when it is C:\SansGUI\v1_0, the Object Library directory is C:\SansGUI\v1_0\lib.

It is the best when the version of your SansGUI Development Environment matches the version of the SansGUI environment installed in your user's computer system. If the exact version of SansGUI is not installed in the user's computer, the simulator files can be installed in the SansGUI environment with the version number closest to your expectation, given higher priority to matching the major release number.

Object Library

The default directory for Object Libraries is the lib subdirectory under the SansGUI installation directory. When the Object Library is properly installed in this directory, it will be displayed in the About SansGUI dialog. By default, the Object Libraries have its major and minor release numbers reflected in the file name.

Simulator Executable and Invocation Script

The default directory for simulator executable files is the sim subdirectory under the SansGUI installation directory. The executable files may include the .dll file for a in-process simulator or the .exe file for an external process simulator. The custom external process simulator invocation script may also be installed here. By default, SansGUI expects to find the major and minor release numbers in the file names of the executables.

Simulator Documentation

As suggested previously, the simulator documentation should be stored in a subdirectory under the doc directory of the SansGUI installation directory to avoid conflicts with other simulators. The name of the directory should reflect the name of the simulator.

Simulation Examples

The samples subdirectory in the SansGUI installation directory is for examples of all simulators. You can manage the subdirectory or create yet another level of subdirectory to suit your needs. Normally, the examples are in the form of Project Models with some documentation.

Custom Directories

To make the installation scheme flexible, SansGUI allows the users to redirect some of the directories to different locations in the user's computer or in another computer on the network. The following environmental variables can be defined for these non-default file locations:

The users normally do not define these non-default file locations. However, these environmental variables need to be checked in order to be sure where the exact locations are.


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