Handling Different Versions

The SansGUI class version scheme has been introduced in the Class Schema Version Control section in Chapter 1. The default version scheme that SansGUI uses is to include the major and minor version numbers in the file names for software distribution. Each patch and build version just writes over the the previous version with the same major and minor release numbers. Therefore, the major and the minor numbers are appended to the file names of the Object Library and the simulator executables, using the underscore character as the delimiters. For example, for a simulator called MySim in version 1.2, the essential files are:

SansGUI uses these names as the defaults. If the names are different from these default values, the users will need to specify the file path in the Default simulation control object. With this scheme, the user can install your simulator with multiple versions in the same SansGUI environment.

Updating Versions

Keeping developers' and users' files in synchronization with simulators in the SansGUI environment involves two processes: intrinsic version evolution and simulator version evolution. The intrinsic version evolution is applicable to the SansGUI environment version changes and the simulator version evolution is for simulator version updates.

Intrinsic Version Evolution

Intrinsic version evolution is the version synchronization process performed when a document, Schema Definition, Object Library, or Project Model, is loaded into the SansGUI environment. If the document was created from a different version of SansGUI, this process is automatically activated. A message will be prompted to the user when the update is done successfully; otherwise, the document cannot be loaded into the SansGUI environment. The process can be used for both forward and backward version synchronization.

Simulator Version Evolution

Simulator version evolution is the version synchronization process involving multiple versions of the same simulator. This process is applicable only to Object Libraries and Project Models at run-time and is not automatic. The user has to manually invoke the process by selecting File>Update Version menu item and select an Object Library as the target reference for evolving the current document.

As long as you keep the version numbers of the class schemas in your simulator's Schema Definition under control and follow the naming and installation conventions for your distribution files, SansGUI will take care of the simulator version evolution every time when the user requests it. The process evolves documents for both forward and backward compatibility with the same simulator in different versions.


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