Using Case Parameters

A useful feature in SansGUI is to obtain parametric simulation results via symbolic case parameters. Case Parameters, introduced in the GUI Control Types section, allows you to enter literal symbols as values and bind them with a particular value set per case later in a simulation run. Please consult the Entering Values section in Chapter 2 to see how symbolic parameters can be entered. Here we explain how their binding values are entered and the process of parameter resolution.

Binding Parameters at Assembly Levels

An assembly parameter can have a value binding in the assembly or at any super-assembly level so that the binding value can be accessed by all the parts and links in it and in its subassemblies. The parameter binding at one level opaques other bindings in the super-assembly levels, according to the parameter resolution algorithm to be described below.

Details on how to enter the values for assembly parameters can be found in the Examining Parameters and Ports section in the previous chapter.

Binding Parameters in Case Parameters Dialog

All the symbolic parameters entered ultimately float up to form a set of global Case Parameters. To enter binding values for the case parameters, do the following:

The Case Parameter dialog is also a modal dialog. You need to close it before moving on to other tasks.

Parameter Resolution

All the symbolic parameters in the Project Model have to be resolved (with value bindings) before the simulation can start. The parameter resolution process involves:


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