Checking Data

Before the Project Model is submitted to the simulator, its input data should be completed and verified. In addition to data verification performed by SansGUI as you enter the values, there may be a Check Data button available (if not disabled) in each part or reference object Properties dialog. Click on the Check Data button will invoke the data verification procedure, or cross field data checking routine, developed by the simulation developer. The simulation developer may also open up the door for you to override the check data procedure. More on it can be found in Chapter 6 Overriding Simulator Routines.

In this section, we discuss the global check data process performed on the entire Project Model. The process can be invoked by either

Check Data Operation

What will be examined during the check data process? The following is a list of operations that SansGUI performs when checking data:

If the data checking operation encounters a problem, it will issue a warning or an error to the user. The trace of the checking operation is displayed in the Operation View in the bottom pane and the warning or error message is logged in the Message View, also in the bottom pane. You need to look into these two views in order to resolve the issues before checking the data again.

Using Message View

The Message View contains a log of SansGUI messages displayed to the user. It is used by SansGUI during the check data operations and by the simulator during simulation run. The Message View is a column-oriented table with one row for each message:

You can open the Properties dialog of an object, view the object, or print/preview the Message View by selecting appropriate menu items from its context menu.


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