SansGUI Object System

One of the first problems that a simulation user must face is to understand the representation and modeling mechanism of the given simulator. SansGUI provides users with a common scheme used by all simulators written for SansGUI. This underlying modeling scheme is called the SansGUI Object System, for its object-oriented nature. Once the SansGUI Object System is learned, the simulation user will be able to use all the simulators in the SansGUI Modeling and Simulation Environment.

In this chapter, we discuss the SansGUI Object System from the simulation user's point of view. Because we introduce some object oriented terminologies used specifically in SansGUI, please read OO-101 The SansGUI View. Even though you may have been an object-orientation expert, this text will further your understanding of SansGUI. Advanced users or simulation developers should also consult the Advanced SansGUI Object System in the SansGUI Developer's Guide for a more formal treatment.


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