Defining Reference Classes

The procedures described in the Adding Classes, Sharing Classes, and Adding Attributes to Classes sections are used to define classes in a Schema Definition in general. For reference classes, there are additional definitions a simulation developer needs to examine and complete. In this section, we explain these reference class specifics in detail.

Reference Class Properties

In the Class Properties dialog for a reference class, there is an additional sheet with a DLL tab. Click on the tab or press Ctrl+PageUp and Ctrl+PageDown key combinations to switch tabs.

DLL Function Entry Points

From the DLL sheet, you can define the class function entry points for an in-process simulator to be implemented in a DLL. The definitions of the class functions and their semantics are explained in the SansGUI Application Programming Interface and the SansGUI Simulation Control chapters of the SansGUI Reference Manual.

There are two columns of check boxes under the column headers Call and Override. A checked box under the Call column means that you will provide the class function for SansGUI to call at the specified time. The name of the function is listed in the last column which contains the function name started with SG_x and appended with the class path in which all the non-alphanumeric characters are turned into underscores. When the function has the Call box checked, SansGUI will generate the skeleton of the function and put it in the source file with the class name during the process of Object Library generation. If you leave the box unchecked, the function will not be included in the source file. When none of the box is checked, there will be no source file generated for the class.

The check boxes in the Override column is for you to allow your users to supply overriding routines. A precondition is that a function has to be called in order to be overridden. Therefore, when you check the Override box, the Call box will automatically be checked.

Selecting Reference Classes

SansGUI supports different types of reference classes. Depending on your modeling needs, you create subclasses from selected intrinsic reference classes and add required attributes to complete the definitions. Requirements for supported reference classes can be found in the SansGUI Intrinsic Classes chapter of the SansGUI Reference Manual.


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