Using Unit SimControl Objects

The simulation control objects in this Unit Conversion for SansGUI program are normally not used. The SimControl.Cycle.Unit_Default object is created mainly to indicate that the unit conversion program exists in the form of a dynamic-linked library (DLL) for SansGUI to load and execute. If you don't have this utility program install in the default location, you can specify the DLL file path in the Simulator Program Path field of the simulation control object. Follow the instructions in the Specifying File Path section of this manual to locate and enter the DLL file path.

SimControl.XProc.Unit_Default is not used unless you want to specify a text file that you want to dump all the data (only in base units) to an external text file. Please read the SansGUI User's Guide for more details.

Using Unit Conversion for SansGUI

For a brief overview and to get started on Unit Conversion for SansGUI, please read the following:


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