Starting Unit Conversion for SansGUI

There are two ways to start the Unit Conversion utility program: 1) create a new Project Model from the Object Library distributed, or 2) use the UnitConv Project Model distributed. The first method can be used by those who are already familiar with the SansGUI Modeling and Simulation Environment and would like to save some memory space. The second method is geared toward beginners. Throughout this manual, we will use the second method because it is more user-friendly.

Starting the Program

Once SansGUI and the Unit Conversion for SansGUI utility program are installed on your system, you can run the program by one the following procedures:

After the UnitConv Project Model is loaded in the SansGUI environment, nine icons representing the nine unit categories are displayed in a Canvas View, as shown in the following figure.




If the UnitConv Project Model window is not maximized within the SansGUI environment, you can click on the maximize button in the middle of the three small buttons located at the upper right corner of the window frame. If the unit category icons are not centered as shown in the picture, you can:

The workspace in the SansGUI environment can be saved so that the next time you start SansGUI, the layout of the windows can be restored to what you have now. Please consult Chapter 8 Customizing SansGUI Environment in the User's Guide for workspace management.

Please go to the next section, Selecting Unit Categories, for the next step.


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