Selecting Unit Categories

The next step is to find the unit dimension your data is associated from the Unit Categories table below. Once the unit dimension is located, double click on the category icon, implemented as a component (part) in the Canvas View, to obtain a Part Properties dialog for the unit category. You can also right click on the category icon and select Properties from the context menu to open the dialog. The details of the dialog contents are explained in the next section, Choosing Unit Conversion Objects.

Unit Categories

Based on the classified lists of units from Table A.2 through A.7 in the IEEE/ASTM SI 10-1997 Standard (Annex A.4.1 Organization), we created nine categories with their dimensions listed as following:



Unit Dimensions


Acceleration, Angle, Angle-Solid, Angular Acceleration, Angular Velocity, Area, Frequency, Length, Time, Velocity, Volume, and Volume Per Unit Time - Flow Rate.


Energy-Work, Energy Per Unit Area Time, Force, Force Per Unit Length, Internal Energy - Mass, Internal Energy - Volume, Mass, Mass Per Unit Area, Mass Per Unit Length, Mass Per Unit Time - Flow Rate, Mass Per Unit Volume - Density, Moment of Inertia, Power, Power Density, Power Level Difference, Pressure - Stress, Thrust To Mass Ratio, Torque - Bending Moment, Viscosity - Dynamic, Viscosity - Kinematic, and Volume - Specific.


Fuel Consumption, Fuel Consumption - Specific Mass, Fuel Consumption - Specific Volume, Heat Capacity - Entropy, Heat Capacity - Specific, Heat Density, Heat Flow Rate, Heat Flux Density, Heat Transfer Coefficient, Temperature, Temperature - Interval, Thermal Conductivity, Thermal Diffusivity, Thermal Insulance, Thermal Resistance, and Thermal Resistivity.


Electric Capacitance, Electric Charge, Electric Charge Density, Electric Conductance, Electric Current, Electric Current Density, Electric Field Strength, Electric Flux Density, Electric Inductance, Electric Potential Difference, Electric Resistance, and Electric Resistivity.


Magnetic Field Strength, Magnetic Flux, Magnetic Flux Density, Magnetic Moment, Magnetic Permeability, and Magnetomotive Force.


Radiological Absorbed Dose, Radiological Absorbed Dose Rate, Radiological Activity, Radiological Dose Equivalent, and Radiological Exposure.


Luminance, Luminous Flux, Luminous Flux Density, Luminous Intensity, and Wave Number.


Amount of Substance, Catalytic Activity, Concentration, Molality, Molar Energy, and Molar Heat Capacity - Entropy.


Currency (for dynamic currency exchange rates), SI Prefix, and user definable units 1 to 5.


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