Updating Simulator Version

SansGUI has a version evolution mechanism for keeping your documents, Project Models and Object Libraries, in synchronization with a new version simulator installed or an old versions simulator restored. This is extremely important because different versions of the simulator may expect different number of data fields, data types, and formats. Classes in one version may be modified or removed in another version. New classes may be added to a new version of the simulator. When your models are not synchronized with the simulator, the simulator will be very confused.

SansGUI uses the simulation control class defined in the Object Library, distributed with your simulator, to keep track of the version of the simulator and all its related classes and their versions. When you update your document to another version, an Object Library compatible with the simulation control object in the document will be required.

Version Numbers

In SansGUI and your simulators, a version number contains four numbers separated by a period.


or in short


The first two numbers <Major>.<Minor> are primarily used for software releases. The third number <Patch> is used for software patches that fix program errors. An exception in <Patch> is that it can be used for alpha or beta test releases. The <Build> is for simulator development purposes and may not be applicable to you in the SansGUI Run-Time Environment. With this scheme, examples of version numbers are 1.0.1, 2.1.5, 2.0.beta, and 3.1.alpha.

Updating Versions

To update a Project Model or an Object Library to a new version:

The trace of the update process is displayed in the Operation View in the Bottom Pane. The details of changes, if any, can be found in the Message View, also in the Bottom Pane.

Updating SansGUI Intrinsic Classes

When you upgrade the SansGUI software or load a document into a different version of the SansGUI environment, there may be discrepancies found in some intrinsic classes. When SansGUI detects a need to perform version synchronization during the Project Model or Object Library loading process, a version update dialog for the intrinsic classes will appear. Click on the OK button to update the document so that SansGUI can continue to load it. It is a good idea to save the converted document under a different name.


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