Project Model

The preparation of Schema Definitions and Object Libraries aims at an ultimate goal, which is to allow simulation users to create Project Models. When a new Project Model is created from an Object Library, the compiled Schema Definition and, optionally, existing objects are copied into the Project Model. An Assembly_Generic:TOP part is created to serve as the seed for the user to configure the system components in a hierarchical, network model.

Modeling Space

SansGUI provides a simulation user with a modeling space in which the component objects, reference objects, parts and links are created from the classes defined by the simulation developer and distributed via an Object Library. A unique feature of the SansGUI modeling space is that it contains two separate tree-like hierarchies fused at the part level. Depicted in the following figure, one hierarchy is used to describe the inheritance of a part, as in Class-Object-Part. The other, the assembly hierarchy, is used to describe the interrelationship among parts within the Project Model. The properties of parts can be specified from the inheritance hierarchy and the connectivity of parts can be inferred from the assembly hierarchy.




Class-Object-Part Hierarchy

The Class-Object-Part hierarchy is primarily used for data organization. An object is an instance created from a class that defines the attributes in the object. With values entered in the object, it represents a group of system elements that share the same properties, combining attributes and values. Unlike reference objects, which are instantiated from reference classes and used directly, component objects shall be used further to create parts or links, which are placed in assemblies.

Top-Assembly-Part Hierarchy

The Top-Assembly-Part hierarchy is primarily used for component organization within Project Models. It contains connectivity information among system components, such as parts and links. Using the port exportation mechanism, the simulation user can expose a port of a part in a deep level assembly and allow it to be connected with other parts at a higher level. SansGUI takes care of all the operations for multi-level organization and inter-level connectivity so that the user can manage complex systems without having to work out all the complexities. From the simulator's point of view, all the parts in the hierarchical representation are connected in a flat model.


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