Operating on Grid Views

A Grid View in a Project Model shows a list of parts, links or objects derived from the same class. To see the list, click on a class of interest. When a component class is selected, a Grid View of parts or links will be created and displayed. Other classes will yield Grid Views of objects. The columns in a Grid View display the attributes of the parts, links, or objects, which are listed in the rows of the view.

Obtaining Attribute Names

Each attribute of the class is listed in a column in a Grid View. Because the width of the columns is limited, the code of the attribute is displayed. To obtain the long attribute name of it, move the mouse pointer to the header that contains the attribute code and let it sit for a second or two. A tooltip will pop up with the long attribute name displayed.

Changing Units

The first row under the attribute codes is for user unit selections. When available, you can select a desired unit from the drop-down list to convert all values in the column to the new unit of measure. When the attribute with the changed unit is found in any opened dialogs, the unit of the same attribute will be synchronized with values recalculated.

Entering Values Directly

The values displayed in the Grid View may be protected, indicated by the background color set to the tooltip color in the Windows environment. When the background is white, the cell value can be modified directly. Please consult the Entering Values section in this chapter and the GUI Control Types section in Chapter 1 for how to enter the values.

When the Grid View is used to display parts or links, the values may be the part or link overriding values. The overriding values are displayed in red. To remove a overriding value, move to the cell that contains it and press the Delete key. The value is turned to a non-red color, indicating that it uses the value from the deriving object.

Invoking Properties Dialog

To invoke associated Properties dialog for a part, link, or object, double click on the cell that contains the icon and the name of the part, link or object or use the Properties menu item in the right click context menu.

Zooming In and Out

The Grid View can be enlarged or reduced in size to suit your display needs. Available controls are:


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