Customizing Plots

You can change many result plot properties as you need them. Some useful ones are listed in this section for your information.

Changing Viewing Style

You can select a viewing style from the Viewing Style menu items in the context menu:

Changing Plotting Method

Line chart is the default plotting method. There are other methods, such as Bar, Point, Area, etc., selectable from the Plotting Method menu items in the context menu. Select one that fits your requirement.

Displaying Grid Lines

Grid lines are optional and can be toggled on and off. The grid lines along the X and Y axes are specified separately. The default is no grid lines on either axis.

Adding Data Table to Graph

A unique feature in Labeled Series Plots (with X-Labels) is that the data series can be displayed at the bottom of the plot. To do this, select Graph and/or Table>Graph with Table from the context menu.

Graphing Subsets of Data

If you have multiple Y series data, you can select a few subsets from all the Y series for graphing. In other words, you do not have to show all the Y data curves specified by Set As Y Data. To do so,

Using Customization Dialog

There are many other properties available for customization. To access them, select Customization Dialog... menu item from the context menu. There are property tabs labeled with General, Plot, Subsets, Points, Axis, Font, Color, and Style. Manipulate these properties as needed. You can then click on the Apply button to refresh the plot with the latest changes, or click on the Original button to restore the original defaults.


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