Using Class Base.Container.Reactor

Class Base.Container.Reactor


This is the primary component class in the Mixer simulator. It models a chemical reactor that mixes input fluid with various concentration from input pipes and dispense the mixture to output pipes. The quantities depend on the flow rates of the pipes. This class is derived from Base.Container to inherit the Concentration class attribute.

Class usage

Use this class to create parts in Canvas Views to form a Mixer network. The inputs can be from various sources or from multiple reactors. The output can be sent to multiple sinks or other reactors. Connect all the components with pipes and enter the flow rates into the pipes. In order to keep the volume of the mixture constant in the reactor, you will need to make sure that the sum of all input flow rates is the same as the sum of all output flow rates. Some exceptional cases may exist (see the Great Lakes example).

Class Attributes

Class Functions


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