Notes for Simulation Developers

This section contains notes for simulation developers who would like to gain more insights on how the Mixer simulator is created and maintained using the SansGUI Development Environment. If you do not have a proper license key to activate the SansGUI Development Environment, you can register for a 30-day evaluation license key on our web site: Because there are only nine classes defined, excluding the simulation control classes, the SansGUI Student Edition is capable enough for all the features described here.

Examining Mixer Schema Definition

Examining Mixer Source Code

Entering Service Sessions

Hidden attributes in classes Base.Container.Reactor and Table.Reactor can be accessed by persons, normally the developers, who know the password set in the Schema Definition. For the Mixer simulator, we set the password to Mixer. You can enter a service session in any Object Library or Project Model by:

To exit the Service Session, simply select Tools>Service Session... to uncheck it.


Please go back to the end of the Transient example for a few programming exercises.




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