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SansGUI Educational Grant Recipients

We would like to welcome the following fine educators and institutions to become our educational partners.  Through your persevering endeavor, the next generations of scientists and engineers will be prepared with adequate knowledge and skills to solve real-world problems with contemporary software tools in their professions.

To find out how to join this fine group of educators, please click HERE.

Course Adoptions

EG 167 Programming for Engineering Calculations and Problem Solving, in Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering and Geodetic Science, College of Engineering.  This course prepares students to understand problem solving methods and procedures, develop computer algorithms, prepare, run and report computer programs for assignments, quizzes, projects, and examinations, and involve graphics and simulations related to engineering problems.

MEG 704 Introduction to the Finite Element Method, in Department of Mechanical Engineering, Howard R. Hughes College of Engineering and in Nevada Center for Advanced Computational Methods.  This course deals with teaching students the fundamentals of the finite element method and various programming techniques/methods used to solve the discretized equations.

Course 2315 Software Engineering, in Department of Applied Mathematics and Computer Science, ETSIIT.  This course involves software analysis and design, coding and quality of software projects, object-oriented programming (Visual C++), and interface design and development.

Course 060 Mehanizmi (Mechanisms), in Institute for Mechanics, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering.  This course involves kinematics, building blocks of kinematic chains, position, velocity and acceleration analysis, general numerical considerations and solution procedures.

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Special Projects

Project Honey, A High Voltage Electron Array, in Department of Nuclear Physics, Research School of Physical Sciences and Engineering.  One of the first applications is a new multi-detector array connected to a superconducting solenoid.  For more information, please click on the above link.

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