Class Collection.MIDI


This class specifies primary parameters in the MIDI Player utility program. The parameters entered in the unique object of this class are shared by both the in-process and the external process program modules.

Class Usage

Each Project Model should contain one object derived from this class for the MIDI Player program to function properly. When more than one object are created, the external process MIDI player takes only the first one into account. The parts derived from the Channel component class should all refer to the first object of this class; otherwise, the MIDI data will not be fetched and distributed correctly.

Class Attributes

Although the users only need to pay attention to the first three attributes of this class, we list out all of them here for developers to understand how this class is implemented. We could have set the scopes of the attributes beyond the first three as Hidden so that the users would not be able to see them unless they could enter a service session with a password supplied by the developer -- a feature in the SansGUI Run-Time Environment.

Class Functions

Supporting Function

A supporting function get_MIDI_Channel_Data is added to the Collection.MIDI class for other objects, especially Channel components, to obtain channel number and data through the reference object of this class. Please see the source code in the distribution for details.

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