Class Base.SineGen


This component class implements a sine wave generation function.

Class Usage

Use this class to create parts in Canvas Views to form an equation model that requires damped or undamped sine wave as input values. Parts derived from this class have only output links; no input link is allowed.

Class Attributes

Class Functions

The regular sine function in the mathematical library is called to obtain the undamped sine value of the Current Angle. In Visual Calculator version 1.0, the value is further multiplied by a scaling factor, (1.0-fDamp)^iPeriod, to obtain a damped result. With this method, however, the curve generated will not be smooth at the joint between any adjacent circular cycles because there is an abrupt change of the scaling factor at the left side and the right side of the curve. In Version 1.1, we interpolate the scaling factor linearly within a cycle so that it will be reduced constantly until it meets the starting point of the next cycle. Please see the source code for implementation details.

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